Third Social Sector Networking Event, 2018

The Social Sector Networking event which was organized by Young Adult Professionals and Entrepreneurs and Philanthropy Circuit took place on Thursday 8th November. The purpose of the event was to create a platform where various organizations would meet with the collective aim of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

At the two-hour event which held at Ford Foundation, people from the social sector met to connect, share and learn and explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration. Some organizations present at the event were Wave Academies, Ovie Brume Foundation, Cece Yara Foundation, Child Life Line, WISCAR, Enough Is Enough, WARIF, Teach Nigeria and Synergos Nigeria.

The event was anchored by the Executive Director of The Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation, Ms. Funke Shonekan and the founder of Philanthropy Circuit, Mrs Katja Schiller-Nwator. Mrs Katja Schiller-Nwator gave a presentation in which she spoke about available funding opportunities like Giving Tuesday; a charitable movement currently in the United States of America which is seeking opportunities for partnerships that will bring it to Nigeria.

Following the welcome address, introductory sessions and presentation, the participants were split in groups to discuss and share their challenges, opportunities and the big wins they had in 2018.

Among the challenges shared, participants spoke about the need for funding. There are many people and communities in genuine need of financial and other aids but they do not have access to donors. They spoke on the need for organizations to bridge the gap between communities in need of funding and donor organizations.

One of the participants also spoke about the importance of educating people about different kinds of abuse. For fear of being stigmatized, victims of sexual and domestic abuse or violence chose not to talk about their experiences. Many do not know who to talk to in order to get help. It was advised that organizations that are into advocacy should expand their reach so that more people in need of their services will be aware of their presence and how to contact them.

Among the big wins, Mrs Olayemi Aileru of Child Life Line shared that one of the boys they had taken off the streets had just recently completed his university degree program and was employed by Andela. She also stated that they had succeeded in reuniting some of the street children with their families.

Ms. Detutu Ajibodu of WARIF Centre informed her group that they had trained 1000 (one thousand) traditional birth attendants (midwives). She explained that the organization had embarked on this training because it was observed that women who suffer domestic and sexual abuse confide in traditional birth attendants. The birth attendants in turn report such cases to WARIF for investigation and intervention.

Mrs Bisi Ajayi-Kayode of Cece Yara was glad to tell her group that their foundation was selected for the final stage of the Google Impact Challenge.

Networking among participants took place during and after the group sessions. Participants were satisfied with the outcome of the event and as stated by one of them, the event was thoroughly enjoyed. The various organizations identified potential opportunities to foster dialogue and co-create within the social sector.

It was a successful event and we look forward to 2019 with more opportunities to connect, share and learn towards achieving the SDGs.

The event was supported by Ford Foundation and The Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation.

Chris Ogunbanjo

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