The Peace Club Launch

With the goal of promoting the achievement of a stable society by analyzing the causes of conflicts and resolution of the same, the Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation came up with, “The Peace Club” initiative.


It is an initiative aimed at creating a safe space for students from primary to tertiary level where they can develop life skills, discuss relevant topics and learn how they can individually prevent and respond to violence. The peace club will also help its members gain confidence, self-awareness and rights awareness.


The very first launch of the peace club took place in Erunwon Ijebu on the 20th of May 2021. We hosted 18 students who served as the pioneers for the peace club in Erunwon at the Towobola Hall. 

The Executive Director of The Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation, Ms Funke Shonekan started the program by asking each student to introduce themselves, and then this was followed by the programs officer, Gift Arikpo’s address and the introduction of speakers and dignitaries.


Before the launch, we requested that the students present a drama and we provided them with a script.

They presented the drama beautifully and also did a debate that shed more light on the concept of peace and conflict resolution.


We partnered with and their team addressed the students and entertained questions from them to clear their doubts. Care packages were also shared and the students went home looking excited and ready to learn more about how they can promote peace in their homes and community at large.



Chris Ogunbanjo

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