Building Your Brand Through Social Media

The whole idea of creating a brand revolves around selling a product or service to people. Your brand exists to solve one or more problems. However, finding these people may be the major challenge you will have to deal with.

Well, we’ve got good news for you and it is called Social Media! We love to call it the 8th wonder of the world. Unlike the 7 known wonders of the world, social media is not locked in one location; it is everywhere and accessible to all. Social media is an avenue to meet people, make new friends, establish great business collaborations and relationships. It is the strength of several successful businesses and in today’s business world, it is expected that your business be found online, or you are regarded as backward. People rely heavily on social media to find products and services.

Social Media is one of the biggest brand builders. The global digital report of 2019 by We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals that there are now 4.39 billion people around the world using the internet and 3.48 billion of these people are on social media. More than 9 out of 10 of these people access social media via a mobile device.

Having this much people paying such rapt attention to their phones sends a clear message; people are as active online as they are physically.

With social media, you can build your brand in the following ways:

  1. Brand Recognition

More than ever, people will only reach out to brands they identify with. Spending is always a tough decision and people give a lot of thought to the names they do business with. Be the brand that is helpful when people have questions and show them that you are genuine. Take quality time to put out relevant information about your business on social media, talk about the things you do differently and even more, answer frequently asked questions about the industry.


  1. Build Trust

How many times have you used a service you didn’t trust? People buy trust before they buy anything else from you so, focus on prioritizing that. Sell trust and money will follow. Social media puts you in people’s faces; the more they see what you are about, the more they have a clear image of you and learn to trust you.


  1. Increase Visibility

People feed on valuable and appealing content. If you give them that, you are not so far away from getting free PR from viewers and being seen by people far beyond your reach. This, however, may take some time. For faster widespread coverage, consider social media ads. Set up well-targeted campaigns to run for a good number of days across your most active social platforms then keep your fingers crossed while anticipating the best outcome.


  1. Easy Feedback

It used to cost so much for brands to get customers’ view on their products and services but these days, you can receive customer feedback in your comment section or as direct messages. Social media has made communication between businesses and customers easy. People now have easier access to businesses to ask questions and get answers as quickly as possible. Feedback is vital; it helps you know what people prefer and best ways to serve them.


  1. Increase Sales

Having a physical workspace is great, but more people are leaning towards online markets that deliver at their doorsteps. To a large extent, people will only find out about you on social media and this will eventually lead to sales. If you have valuable content and relevant information about your products and services and you are easy to reach on social media, you will increase sales.


Your brand will only thrive on social media if you are consistent with genuine and relevant content that meets the needs of your target audience.

Chris Ogunbanjo

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