A Sister Establishing other Sisters’ Efforts (ASÉSÈ)

ASÉSÈ was birthed for the enterprising and skilful women of Erunwon, Ijebu-Ode Community. The project is aimed at empowering women by investing in their businesses towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 8.

As part of the Easter celebration, Mrs Wunmi Williams, Founder of ASÉSÈ Initiative organized an event in collaboration with The Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation to give seed funding to the women for their businesses.

A total of 70 women were beneficiaries of the funding. 40 of the women who benefitted from the funding were graduates of hairdressing and catering classes of The Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation’s Private Enterprise Vocational Training that held last year 2018. The women were happy to receive the funds, sharing that it will be used to increase their businesses. One of catering students said the money will be used to start chin-chin business. A hairdressing student informed the organizers of her plan to purchase hair extensions and a hair iron while another said she was going to stock up her shop with hair care products like hair relaxers, hair creams, shampoos and conditioners. It was a memorable day as the ladies happily took pictures with the organizers and expressed their gratitude in words.

As is the practice of the Foundation, the women will be visited soon to take account of how the funds were invested.

The occasion was co-hosted by the Executive Director of the Foundation, Ms Funke Shonekan, third generation family members, other family members and people of the community.

ASÉSÈ is a Yoruba word which means “It can be done” (Together, it can be done).
It was the slogan for the event and used to encourage women to support other women to achieve financial liberty.


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